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Accelerate the Healing Process and Transform Your Life...

Address Emotional Problems,

Release and let go Toxic & Lower Frequency Energies regaining balance and allowing yourself to be authentically free.

Diseases are a result of the imbalances within the energy bodies...



Most diseases are a result of the imbalances within the energy bodies. Our physical body is just one of the components of who we are. We also have an emotional, mental and spiritual body.


Lower frequency emotions such as anger, fear, and grief anger, fear, sadness, resentment, guilt, shame, grief, will eventually become physical toxins in your body at the cellular level producing disease.  In fact, most diseases are the result of the accumulation of lower frequency emotions because the body becomes imbalanced as the result of false, limited, and negative patterns. The more saturation of these lower frequency emotions, the more severe the disease.


The energy bodies are composed of higher frequencies. If the emotional body becomes imbalanced as a result of lower frequencies within, it affects the other body's form or the Aura which directly affects our physical body.   This means whatever happens within our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies has a direct effect on our physical health. Universal and physical law declares higher frequency energies automatically flow to lower frequencies and bring them into balance. 


We can try to correct our physical body by adding chemicals/medicines, however, unless the energy bodies are cleared and balanced, this will be ineffective in the long run and could actually cause further imbalance because we are much more than just our physical body.


Ultra-High Frequency Healing is the medicine of the future and the future has arrived...

The release of accumulated lower frequencies can be extremely challenging. The process requires the assistance of higher frequency energy.  The ultra-high frequency energy healing session assists in the releasing process and their permanent elimination/transmutation.


All you need to do is be willing to let go of lower frequencies, such as anger and resentment; allowing the higher frequencies to be integrated, and I will help you with the process. This high-frequency healing process can be accomplished in person or from a distance.  Regardless of distance, our High-Frequency Energy Healing will always reach you because energy does not know boundaries.


The releasing process is gradual and takes place as layers of lower frequency emotions are released.  Once a layer is released, it can never return. Our intention to transmit energy to you and your intention to receive is what sets the energy in motion!

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